What is genocide?

1.) Genocide is racist extermination of human beings, usually defying their rights.


In 1953 Cambodia gained it's indepencence, or so it thought, only a few years after that a racist murderer was ready to begin his slaughter, not to much later in Cambodia, life became hell. Since the communist's group Khmer Rouge, which was led by Pol Pot was made, the country has went through deaths and hatred day after day. He discriminated against many groups of people, ratialy and religiously, he hated the Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodians, Cham Muslims and Christians for no reason. When the people became slaves to the Khmer Rouge they had to pledge total allegiance to Anka, the Khmer Rouge government, or else they would have been killed. Similarly to the Holocaust people lived on small rations and minimal sleep, people worked up to 14 hours a day, and were beaten if they stopped, along with that they were told not to gain relationships, so that they could focus on the one person who, at that time was truly important, themselves. hIn the 1970's they groups leader Pol Pot was overthrown but because of this mass murderer Cambodia lost a whole generation of it's people, by bombings, fires, shootings, and/ or brutal beatings.

Crisis in Congo
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DCR) is where one of the world's worst cases of humanitarian crisis happen. The war in Congo officialy ended in 2003, but approximately 1,200 people die each day, and 5.4 million people have died since 1998. Most of those people die from disease and malnutrition, but some die from continuous violence.The crisis in Congo intensified when Laurent Nikunda, the rebel leader, accused the Government army of resistant to "disarm the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda as agreed in the peace agreement." Many people were forced to move out of their homes and look for shelter in neighboring countries. Today, 80% of people in Congo live without access to clean water or health services. Additionaly, 1/5 of the children die before the age of 5 and the life expectancy is only 45 years.


Darfur is a region located in Western Sudan, about the size of France. In 2003, a rebellion began in Darfur, demanding greater political power and redress social and economic grievances. Authorities saw these rebellions as a threat to them, fearing other neglected regions would rise up. Authorities reacted by creating a policy to exterminate African tribal people in Darfur, where the rebels were from. An Arab militia, Janjaweed, has been employed to execute this policy. This group is armed by the government and sent to kill people of all ages, burn houses, destroy crops and livestock, and perform mass execution. There have been about 400,000 people killed and 2,500,00 people displaced to this date from this genocide. Human Rights Watch revealed internal government documents proving the central government both armed and coordinated the Janjaweed to carry out the genocide. The government makes sure that no reporters or humanitarian personnel are able to get into any of the villages being targeted.