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Of Mice and Men is about two men striving to get a ranch by working on a farm one, Lennie, who happens to be mentally retarded, and the other George who is mentally stable but has to travel with Lennie who accidentally gets himself into tons of trouble every where they go.
Lennie in this book likes soft things which is usually what gets him in trouble and ends up getting him in trouble at the end of the story as well.
In the beginning of the book you hear of Lennie and George going to a new place to work since Lennie got in trouble at the first place they were working at. When there they meet several character: Boss, Candy, Slim, Curley, Curley's wife, and Carlson. These character basically show how lonely everyone is except for Lennie and George since their together. The Boss, Curley's father, was angry at the men at first for not coming on time, thus making the already hateful Curley mad, so that when the men talked to Curley not only did he hate Lennie because he was bigger than him but George because they were late. Candy who later on joined their group to live at the ranch began telling Lennie and George about Curley's wife and how they should stay away from her because she was a "tart" and George heeded that advice immediately by ignoring her when she came to talk to them about where Curley was.Lennie on the other hand stared at her in awe almost at her, later to get yelled at by George for looking at her like that. Unfortunatley Lennie still did not understand the fact that she was bad news and had later occurances were he and her were alone, which got him into big trouble. They were in the barn and he had killed his puppy accidentally so she came in and began to comfort him after that it went downhill. They went on to talk about soft things since Lennie said that he liked things like that and Curley's wife let him feel how soft her hair was. He then became overwhelmed with petting her that when she asked him to stop he wouldn't, so she went into a fit and he grabbed her and snapped her neck. Knowing at that time what he had done he ran to George and his hiding place till George came. George then started telling Lennie how he would still by a ranch and then shot Lennie in the back of the head.

I really don't like the ending to the story, all the death and sadness it's not real, people would be forced to understand Lennie's disability and they'd have to take him to court before killing him or else it's murder.
I like the story within the story about love for one another and being lonely sucks, though. That had some good morals until the end and even then George was upset about having to kill Lennie.

We can learn that life lessons are there to make sure we don't do the wrong thing twice, because the second time might be the last time you get. In real life there isn't a third strike most of the time the first strike gets you out, and sometimes the second strike gets you out, but the third strike only truly applies to baseball.

1.) Dreams are important because if you have nothing to strive to you have nothing to live for, if a child doesn't want to grow up to be an actress, ballerina, fireman, the president, etc. then the child is going to fail because that is what he or she thinks they want.
2.) It is very important to belong somewhere cause if you belong nowhere and no one excepts you for who you are then you have no friends or family, and without those key people to help you along the way, you may not get to where you thought you were going.
3.) Love, Time, Effort and Respect, is what you need to constitute a genuine friendship. If you are missing any of those things then your friendship will slowly but surely fall apart. If you love your friend but do not spend time with them then they feel as though they don't know you and the friendship is useless. If you have Respect for them but you don't give an effort to make them happy they will believe you are not listening or you don't care and so on and so forth.
4.) It discourages lonliness and isolation.