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The book Night is about a child name Elie Wiesel when he and his family were transfered to concentration camps during the Holocaust. This book explians, in great detail how Elie and his father worked and tried to make it through the camps. The constant topic of this book is the dependency Elie shows for his father and then later on in the book changes from his dependency to his fathers dependency on Elie.

I loved this book, sure it had a sad ending but it was very good, not thrilling, because i find no thrill in what the Nazi's did to the Jews, but interesting from the point that your not learning it from just another teacher, but from someone who actually experienced it. To learn and to hear about something from a teacher is way different then hearing it from a victim.

We can learn that even though we may think this world is perfect it is far from it. Genocide, mass murder, it's all real and happening even now if you take it from my perspective. Abortion, as Carman said in his song "Revival in the Land": "It's selective breeding. Like the Nazi's and the Jews and with the governments approval."

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