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This book basically talks about the Scopes- Monkey trial in a different kind of context, i would say. The author changed the names of
the people who were involved and yet included clues to show that they are who they are in real life. The whole book talks about a man named Bert Cates and how he breaks a law about teaching evolution in schools by reading a state given science book. This book thoroughly talks through the trial and the battle Cates and Rachel, Bert's love, go through. Rachel Brown is the daughter to a Reverend who hates the teaching of evolution and she has to decide whether to choose her father or Cates. Cates has to decide whether to give up and face the fact that he broke the law or fight against the ridiculous law he broke.

I absolutely loved this book, it was interersting and when you got to the last few chapters you had to finish it, or at least I did. I liked how this book portrays the many angles of this trial, it goes from Cates, to the Reverend, to E. K. Hornbeck, to Drummond and Brady and even to the smallest character: Howard and Melinda.

I truly cannot pick a part of this book that i didn't like, it had a great beginning, middle and end.

What we can learn from reading this book is the multiple sides and opinions of the creation v.s Evolution debate. Henry Drummond puts up many good points towards the belief of evolution and Brady and Reverend Brown tried to make some good points about Creation, not prospering at all.

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1.) It depends on how we are different, i always used to think that religios people respected different people but found out that sometimes they don't even though i always try to respect other people's religion they don't always respect us.
2.) No tolerance and exceptance are two totally seperate things. Tolerance is just being able to ignore them, in a way, and move on. Acceptance is agreeing with what they do fully and loving them for it.
3.) Yes, like i explained before it's basically ignoring the person you disagree with in a respectful way.