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The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn is about Huck Finn's life, were he's goes from being a "sivilized" boy in Widow Douglas' house, to living with his Pap who beats him, to living free without anything holding him back in the wild with Jim, the slave. In the beginning of the book we see the main character Huckleberry Finn at Widow Douglas because his father supposably died by drowning in a river. During these few chapters Huck starts his few adventures; he joins a band of theives with Tom Sawyer which is when he finds out his father is still alive. So he goes to one of the slaves Widow Douglas owned, Jim, to ask the "Magic Hairball" about his father, since Huck is not a religious fellow he believes in witch craft. The "hairball" tells him his future and happened to be right that same night Hucks father came back and told him to stop going to school and stop being civilized, then he stole Hucks money and went to by alcohol. Later Pap fights for rights over Huck and recieved them in turn for becoming civilized and working with Judge Thatcher to become "a better man". Unfortunately he lied about becoming a better man, trashed the judges house and kidnapped Huck, were he held him captive in a forest and wouldn't let him out of the cabin unless he was watching. In the cabin Huck came up with several brilliant ideas to escape and keep himself from getting beat, like one night Pap was very sick so Huck pointed a gun at him because the first time he roused he tried to kill Huck. He covered up the fact that he was going to shoot his father by saying that a robber was trying to break in and Huck was going to shoot him if he made it in. One day Huck's father left a knife where Huck could find it so Huck tried to break out and succeeded after a few days were he made it look like someone murdered him so that they wouldn't look for it. He ran away to live on Jackson Island were he lived off the land, later finding out that Widow Douglas' slave, Jim was living there too because he overheard them trying to sell him. So Huck and Jim started on their adventures to make it to Cairo where Jim would be freed. Unfortunately they pasted Cairo and headed down towards the really bad slave states, where Jim was caught, later to be freed by finding out that on Widow Douglas' death bed she freed him. So Jim went on his way to free the rest of his family and Huck went on down the river to find more adventures and fun.

I really liked this whole book, it was an attention grabber every step of the way and unless someone told you what happens next you really never knew. It was truthful when it talked about the old days slavery and incorporated a lot of what the author thought about those times, which made it a really good book.

I learned that not everyone was an abolitionist that was against slavery, there was a silent majority of people who were against slavery but were to afraid to talk about it.

1.) Society shapes who were are in a big way without knowing it, whether it has to do with fashion or people, it basically makes The United States what they are which is different.
2.) Freedom means choosing and being oneself, having rights to do or not do something.
3.) Think about the three rules
a.) Does this choice effect myself or someone else in a negative way?
b.) Is it against the law or my own morals?
c.) What would Jesus do in this case?
4.) Huck thinks that to be human you have to be free to make your own choices, whether that means you want to be civilized or live off the land, its being yourself.