I feel like I'm a better speaker and listener because before I would just something random when we were talking about a subject. Now i listen to what the person says and agree and disagree and go from there into what i wanted to say.

It's helped me become more competant with the English language and by that i can contribute my knowledge to the society by correcting their grammar, just kidding. I can help by using words that before I would be at loss of and help people who are at a loss of them by saying the word and telling them the meaning since i know it.

I will remember the words we learned and I will remember the book "Tuesday' with Morrie" cause it taught me a lot about how selfish the society is sometimes and it helped me understand that the greatest thing in life is to love and be loved.

I feel as though i acheived a lot of my goals if not all of them.

I tryed harder in the end of the class then when it first started, so my answer to whether or not i gave my personal best is kind of, sort of.